Jumping on the SBG train…

Standards-based grading. I love it. I agree with it. So what’s the problem? I don’t do it. My classroom environment is set up in a way that would perfectly lead into standards-based grading. Students are allowed to reassess, review and always improve mastery among standards. I have fostered an environment in which students feel comfortable making mistakes and learning from them. I don’t include anything in a child’s grade other than academics. You won’t find extra credit, participation or any other fluff that would make a student’s grade invalid but the truth is that I still put in grades for assignments and the computer program I use averages out all the grades of a student, however, I do feel that the end grade a student earns is a reflection of their mastery of the standards.

So it’s time for me to delve deeper into changing into standards-based grading. I’m unsure where to begin or how it will look for me. Teaching three grades of gifted math all of which have multi-grade standards makes me wonder how do I pick standards or, better yet, how do I adapt my computer grading program to meet the needs of SBG? I also worry it will become more work to assess each individual standard for each student, but I am ready.

I’m ready to make the move to SBG. I’m excited to see students care less about grades and more about learning the material. Grades will happen as a result of the learning. I’m excited to take this major shift in my classroom but I still have questions. Have any of my readers used SBG and what tips can you offer me in the switch?

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  1. Take the plunge! I support you! Happy to sit down with you sometime to brainstorm.


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