I am extremely appreciative in all feedback received from parents, colleagues and students.

Kirk Humphreys is a phenomenal teacher, the best math teacher my kids ever had, most involved with promoting the school he worked in, serving on the state committees to develop curriculum and standards, developing and using technology in the classroom, he was doing the “flipped classroom” method of teaching (recorded lecture for homework, homework during class when the teacher is there to help), a mentor, a fundraiser, the kind of teacher that makes parents love their school and inspires students to give their very best.”

-Sandy Ridolfi (parent)

“Possibly the title of Master Human Being would be a better fit. His compassion and caring for all students and his willingness to do whatever it takes to allow each student to reach their fullest potential, along with his total support and encouragement to his colleagues, puts him in a league of his own. He is truly an asset to our building and to all of the lives he has touched in his years of teaching.”

-Karen Nyman (colleague and teacher)

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